Aromachic Verbena Oil Blend

Aromachic Verbena Oil Blend



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Aromachic Verbena Oil Blend is a rich aromatic astringent, which has a mild, calming effect. It gently tones and tightens the skin and may help treat acne, boils, and cysts. When used as a massage oil, it assists in firming muscles and improving circulation. Great for individuals who work out regularly. Enhance your well-being and experience the aromatic scents of Aromachic by Spa de Soleil. The power behind these products are in the use of pure essential oils and botanicals that will help revitalize and renew your body and soul. Quality ingredients have led to significant innovations in facial, body, and hair care. The result: an elegant, chic, and natural way to achieve a healthy whole-body, free from harsh chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients.

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