Dermatouch Microdermabrasion Trio System

Dermatouch Microdermabrasion Trio System

Dermatouch Tools

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A total beauty routine includes more than just washing and moisturizing your skin and using multiple skincare tools to achieve the look you want can become costly. That is why Spa de Soleil has developed the Dermatouch Microdermabrasion Trio System. Our patent pending skin care tool includes: Exfoliating Brush Head for microdermabrasion and skin rejuvenation to help leave the skin looking softer and brighter. Latex Sponge Head for applying moisturizer and make-up. Disposable Deep Cleansing Pads to gently remove oil, dirt and tough make-up. Velcro Attachment Head to connect the Latex Sponge Head or Disposable Cleansing Pads. Dermatouch Microdermabrasion Cream combines a proprietary blend of natural enzymes and Vitamins A E to boost skin regeneration. Paraben-free.

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