Dermatouch Go Brush Exfoliating Brush 6 Piece Set

Dermatouch Go Brush Exfoliating Brush 6 Piece Set

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Go-Brush facial cleansing set by Dermatouch Beauty Essentials is a lightweight skincare tool that packs the power of our larger models. It is USB rechargeable and small enough to fit nicely in any bag, suitcase, backpack or purse. The Go-Brush contains all the tools you will need for an ultimate skincare experience: Exfoliating Brush Head to remove dead skin, Silicon Brush Head with tiny bristles to deeply cleanse, and a Latex Sponge Head to apply moisturizer and make-up. No more excuses! Knockout impurities and thoroughly clean your skin while on the go, after gym class or right before that important meeting with the luxury and power that only the Go-Brush can provide. Dermatouch is not just skincare, it's skin life. Includes: Go-Brush Unit, USB Electrical Charger, Exfoliating Brush Head, Latex Sponge Head, Silicon Brush Head, Brush Head Storage/Stand Recommendations: Prior to the first use, charge the Go-Brush for 24-hours using the USB Electrical Charger provided. After use, rinse any residue from attachments using warm soapy water and wipe the Go-Brush handle with a damp cloth.

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