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Dermatouch Body Slimmer

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Dermatouch Body Slimmer

$ 9.99

With the Dermatouch Beauty Essentials Body Slimmer, you are just a massage away from smooth, silky skin. The Body Slimmer comes complete with an innovative rubber massager designed to increase blood circulation to the surface of the skin on your thighs, hips, arms, or belly for temporarily smoother and more even skin. A total beauty routine includes much more than just washing and moisturizing your skin. Tough calluses, unappealing spongy-looking skin, and more can keep you from feeling and looking your very best. That's why Dermatouch Beauty Essentials has developed a comprehensive line of beauty accessories that are easy to use and help you achieve the natural, youthful, and fresh look you want. These diverse products will help you pinpoint and beautify tricky areas of your body such as calluses, hair, nails, and more. If you want to feel and look like you stepped right out of the salon and massage parlor every day, take a look at what Dermatouch has to offer. Increases blood circulation to the surface of skin for a temporarily smoother appearance. Ideal for use on thighs, hips, arms, and belly. Perfect for looking your best at the pool or beach, while wearing formal wear, and more. Specially designed soft rubber nodules massage deeply for a relaxing, effective, and safe treatment

SKU: AS-0826B

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