Dermatouch Skinforce Dermajuvenate

Dermatouch Skinforce Dermajuvenate

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The Dermatouch Skinforce Dermajuvenate is an innovative system that delivers multiple facial spa treatments in one portable device, allowing you to conveniently care for your skin. Reduce inflammation, promote collagen synthesis, fight acne-causing bacteria, and accelerate skin's natural healing process with the 7-light LED Therapy. The Ultrasonic Hot function helps to open up pores and cleanse the skin, while the Cold function works to reduce inflammation, tighten pores, and helps lift the skin. Microcurrent Technology with Ionization elevates the skin's moisture and helps maximize product penetration, stimulates epidermal cells, and increases blood flow, aiding in skin rejuvenation. Dermatouch Skinforce Dermajuvenate helps to restore skin for a firm, plump, feel and youthful glow, for an ultimate Spa Treatment!

Watch a tutorial on how to best use the Skinforce Dermajuvenate here.

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